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Bree Tanner Artwork


12 files, last one added on Jun 18, 2015
Album viewed 893 times

Jodelle Ferland Movie Artwork


17 files, last one added on Jun 18, 2015
Album viewed 504 times

Jodelle Ferland Portraits/Drawings

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Jodelle Ferland Wallpapers


12 files, last one added on Apr 21, 2016
Album viewed 801 times

Jodelle Ferland Banners

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Jodelle Ferland Character Artwork


10 files, last one added on Aug 08, 2015
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Jodelle Ferland Birthday Artwork


6 files, last one added on Aug 08, 2015
Album viewed 448 times

Jodelle Ferland Fan Artwork


Artwork created by the fans that added by the site.

6 files, last one added on Aug 07, 2016
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My iPod Wallpaper (Alone In The Dark)341 viewsAlone In The Dark.
-- iPod Version, Unfinished and low-res. What i'm currently using as my wallpaper :)
Blue Shirt336 views
Jodelle Micah Ferland portrait307 viewspencil drawing
Jodelle Micah Ferland portrait (makingof)423 viewscreation process

Last additions
Animated Jodelle Ferland hair color change209 viewsAnimated Jodelle Ferland Hair color change from green to purple

Click on image to see animation
Aug 07, 2016
Jodelle Ferland Purple Hair192 viewsWhat Jodelle Ferland would look like with purple hair.Aug 06, 2016
Epic Showdown between Jane Volturi and Bree Tanner:249 viewsHere was the other person that I wanted you to figure out! Do you know who she is(Movie, Movie Character and Cast)? I will insert it for you; there you may be able to find them.Apr 21, 2016
Bree Tanner:225 viewsI made another painting of Ferland in "Twilight Eclipse" as Bree Tanner. I have other ones as well with another Character, but I am not going to tell you; you will have to figure that out or watch for my next post on the wall papers.Apr 21, 2016